Protocol Plus
Etiquette and Protocol Training
for Professional Development

World-Class Dining

They don't teach etiquette much anymore, but if you ever have to choose between Incredibly Advanced Accounting for Overachievers and Remedial Knife and Fork, head for the silverware.
- Harvey Mackay

Are you looking for a useful set of tools for those special situations where business relationships are developed and strengthened in social settings? WORLD-CLASS DINING will polish your dining skills so you and your employees will outclass your competition. A tutorial luncheon or dinner is provided to help you master the finer points of dining.

Topics of instruction include:
  • Effective Business Entertaining
  • Host, Hostess, and Guest Duties
  • Silverware Savvy
  • Place Setting Maps
  • Napkin Etiquette
  • The Silent Service code
  • Do's and Taboos of Toasting
  • Handling the check
  • Japanese, American and Continental style of eating
  • Forms of Service
  • Dining Do's and Don'ts
Seminars are customized for your needs.

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