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Tea and Etiquette - Civil, Trendy and a "Tonic in a Teapot"

Visit the east and west coasts and you will find afternoon tea rapidly replacing power lunches as executives choose to conduct business over a steaming cup of tea and a few finger sandwiches. Busy Americans are beginning to value tea drinking as an easy, relaxed way to entertain clients.

Afternoon tea is lighter on the expense account; it involves less food and doesn't include alcohol. These qualities make it more appealing to those who don't have a lot of time to spare and want a relaxing setting where business can be discussed with minimal interruption.

Choose your tea theme for a delightful afternoon of "Civili-Tea."
  • Business Tea & Etiquette
  • Afternoon Tea & Etiquette
  • High Tea & Etiquette
  • Teddy Bear Tea & Etiquette
  • Mothers' and Daughters' Tea & Etiquette
  • Tea & Etiquette with Alice in Wonderland
  • Victorian Tea & Etiquette
  • Seasonal Tea & Etiquette
  • Valentine Tea & Etiquette
  • Holiday Tea & Etiquette
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